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Can I paint my UPVC Windows and Doors?

The benefits of painting UPVC windows and doors

Are your UPVC windows and doors in need of some TLC? Is your garage door faded and discoloured? Does your UPVC conservatory look old and outdated? Then save yourself the hassle and expense of having them replaced by painting them!

  • Cost effective 
  • Modern finish 
  • Huge range of colours 
  • Protected from UV and weather damage 
  • Hassle free and fast



How to Paint UPVC Windows and Doors

Painting UPVC windows is the best way to refresh your home’s curb appeal, whether you’re looking to sell, or you just want a beautiful, modern looking home. For the best, longer lasting finish, UPVC should be treated, cleaned and painted with care and skill. 

The first step is to prepare the area and the glass and glazing. Thoroughly clean all surfaces and if necessary, remove the silicone sealant while the paint is applied (this can be reapplied when the painting is finished). A cover or film can then be applied to the glass to protect it from the paint and any damage – high strength INDASA adhesive film is the best available and guarantees a high level of protection. 

The next step is to prepare the UPVC itself. Specialist chemicals are available that strip the weather or damaged frame and provide a perfectly clean surface ready for the paint. The surrounding building, bricks, ground, render and woodwork can then be covered ready for the paint application. 


Now the UPVC is ready to paint!

The first coat of paint is known as the Grip Coat, and this is a fine mist of undercoat that should be evenly sprayed across all the UPVC surfaces. Once dried this fine coat of paint will help the adhesion of the top layer of paint to ensure a smooth and long lasting finish. 

The final spray of paint, or the Top Coat Finish, needs to be expertly applied to ensure a high-quality factory finish. You can choose from a huge range of colours and finishes, whether you want  a matte, modern gorgeous grey; a traditional olive green in a satin finish or you want your home to really stand out from the rest of the houses on your street with a bright pink, high gloss finish. You can make sure your home reflects your personality and taste.

UPVC Spray Paint Specialists

Spraylords in Nottingham are the ultimate UPVC spraying specialists, providing a cost effective and hassle free service to update and refresh your UPVC. We can spray windows, doors, garage doors and entire conservatories.  

Whilst you could invest in all the required equipment and paint, spend a few days carefully prepping the area and meticulously applying specialist paint, you’d get a much better finish calling in the professionals. The team at Spraylords have the experience and skills to provide UPVC spray painting with a guaranteed high quality finish. 

So if you want to refresh your UPVC, contact the team at Spraylords for a fast and cost effective service and beautiful, long lasting results.