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Garage Door Spraying

No Need For Costly Garage Door Replacement!

We can freshen up the look of your garage doors at the fraction of the price a replacement door would cost, our garage door spraying service is the cost effective solution you need.

Here at Spray Lords we can revive the appearance of your existing garage doors, there is no need for you to fully replace them. We can professionally re-spray your garage door in whichever colour you would like. We supply a huge range of coloured coatings to choose from all of which provide a brand new look for your garage door at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement garage door.

Why Spray Coating?

Spray coating your upvc garage doors is a much more cost effective way to improve its looks, we can re-spray all types of garage door, up and over doors, roller doors and double garage doors as long as they are in fully working order you shouldn’t need to pay out £1000’s for a replacement door.

We don’t just spray UPVC, a lot of garage doors are metal, our professional spray coatings can also be applied to metal doors, meaning we can help you with any type of garage door you have. 

Replacement Garage Doors, No Need!

Brand new replacement garage doors can cost £1000’s, if there is nothing wrong with your garage door, it is mechanically sound and it operates as it should there is no need for you to replace it! You can save huge amounts of money by simply re-spraying it with us.

We clean your garage door prior to paint being applied, we will fully mask off the surrounding areas in order to to protect the ground and walls from over-spray. We use a professional chemical cleaning solution to make sure the surfaces are free from contaminates. This ensures the new colour spray paint sticks to the surface of your garage door producing a high quality and professional finish. We can spray your garage doors in either matte, satin or glossy finish.

Cost Effective Garage Door Transformations

Garage Door Spraying Before
Garage Door Spraying After

Our UPVC Garage Door Resprays

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Before & After Examples

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How Do We Do It?

Stage 1

“Glass Prep”

We prepare the glass with a deep clean to eliminate dust and contaminates. We will also remove silicone if necessary, and replace it at the end.

Stage 2

“Glass Mask”

High-strength INDASA adhesive film, designed especially for glass is applied to guarantee ultimate glass protection

Stage 3

“The Chemical Clean”

We use specialist chemical products designed to strip weathered plastic frames, along with an ultra-fine scotch to perfectly prep the surface ready for “the Grip Coat”.

Stage 4

“Picture Framing”

Bricks, render and other surrounding materials are thoroughly covered and protected against overspray.

Stage 5

“The Grip Coat”

A fine mist of product is now distributed evenly over the frames. This ensures the “Top Coat” will bind effectively. 

Stage 6

“Top Coat Finish”

Experienced, skilled professionals execute specialised techniques to achieve a high-quality factory finish and your chosen sheen level: matte, satin or gloss.