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UPVC Spraying in Nottingham

Nottingham UPVC Spraying Company

Are you considering replacing your existing UPVC windows, doors, or conservatory? There is no need to replace them; Spraylords can save you a lot of cash by simply respraying them. This is a lot more cost-effective than replacing them totally, you could save up to 80% on the cost of fully replacing them. It’s also a lot quicker; UPVC Spraying is becoming increasingly popular as people see the advantages over full replacement of UPVC.

So if you are looking for UPVC spraying in Nottingham, contact us today!

Less Intrusive & Less Messy

The spraying of UPVC windows, doors and conservatories is far less messy than having them fully replaced, it is also less intrusive. When you opt for a full replacement the job can take weeks to fully complete, old windows and doors have to be ripped out causing a huge amount of dust and mess in your home, it could also damage surrounding brickwork!

With UPVC spraying the mess is kept to a minimum, the only real thing that will require tidying up is the disposal of any masking paper or polythene sheets. Easily disposed of in bin bags.

Quicker Turnaround

The process of having your windows and doors fully replaced is often a long drawn out process. The window fitters have to first come out to measure your windows and doors. They then need to get them manufactured which can take weeks. Once the new windows have been made they need to come out and fit them which can take a week as well. With UPVC spraying the job can be done in just one day!

UPVC Window Spraying in Nottingham

There is no need for costly window replacement! If your UPVC windows are mechanically sound Spraylords can re-spray them saving you time and money. Our team in Nottingham can spray them any colour you wish, we can colour match any colour you can think of. Popular colours are available from the RAL colour range, we can also spray them in Gloss, Matte and Satin finishes if you desire.

With UPVC window spraying the finished coating is UV protective, hardwearing and scratch resistant. They are sprayed in situ so there is no need for the frames to be removed. We simply mask off the glass panes, and surrounding brickwork.

If your UPVC windows are looking tired & worn we can bring them back to life for you! If your white windows have turned yellow over time we can rectify the problem quickly and cost effectively. If your windows are brown / wood effect and you wish to modernise their looks, no problem! Just give Spraylords a call to start the process of achieving the look you are looking for!

UPVC Door Spraying in Nottingham

Replace your UPVC doors at a fraction of the cost with our UPVC door spraying service. We can rejuvenate your doors and give them a new lease of life at a fraction of the cost with our UPVC door spray method. A brand new UPVC door can start from £400 – £500 for a basic door, but if you go for a UPVC Composite door you are looking £1000-£2000+

Doors are traditionally available in a wider range of colours than window frames, however if you wanted a unique look and to colour match them with your windows and other elements of your property having them resprayed is the perfect solution.

Doors can be removed to be sprayed, whereas the frames are sprayed in place, similar to how we spray your windows. All rubber seals are removed prior to spraying and then fully replaced once the spray coating has fully cured.

Conservatory Spraying in Nottingham

We don’t just spray windows and doors, we also spray conservatories as well. If you have an old, tired looking conservatory on the side of your house we can give it a new lease of life. The same wide range of colours and finishes is available, giving you the option to spray in any colour you wish.

Conservatory replacements can run into tens of thousands, there is no need to pay these prices if all of your conservatory windows and doors are mechanically sound.

We can respray the exterior and interior of your conservatory.

Contact us today to discuss your conservatory respray.

Garage Door Spraying in Nottingham

Garage doors are also something we can respray for you. Have them resprayed to match all of your windows and front door. Metal garage up and over doors, roller shutter garage doors and barn doors are all able to be resprayed.v

We can improve the look of your garage door at a fraction of the cost of a brand new door. Modernising it, and making it look brand new.

Contact us to discuss your respray of your garage doors!

Garage Door Spraying After
Kitchen Spraying

Kitchen Spraying in Nottingham

We also spray kitchens! This is becoming more and more popular as homeowners and landlords are looking for ways to transform their kitchens without the cost of having it fully replaced.

If your kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts are in good condition Spraylords can respray them. We have a wide range of different colours for you to choose from and have 3 options on the type of finish (matte, satin and gloss).

Kitchen resprays cost a fraction of the price of a full replacement so it is a cost effective way to improve and modernise the look of your kitchen.

UPVC Spraying can save you a lot of money, improve the kerb appeal of your property and modernise the appearance. If you are looking for UPVC spraying in Nottingham please contact us today or call us on 0115 839 0234 to arrange a FREE quote.

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