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Facias, Soffits & Guttering Spraying

Here at Spraylords we are specialists in UPVC spraying, typically for windows, doors, and conservatories, however, it doesn’t just stop there, we can spray any exterior fixtures on your property. We can improve the look of the exterior of your home at a fraction of the price of full replacements.

One of our complimentary services is the spray painting of your Fascia boards, soffits, guttering, downpipes, meter boxes, etc…

These fixtures are usually made of similar materials to your double glazing, UPVC plastic. Over time they will fade and go an unsightly yellow/brown colour, our specialist spraying equipment and techniques can restore these to their original condition or even better.

A lot of our customers are shocked at how much of a difference we can make to the overall look of their property, not only does it modernise the appearance but also adds value.


The preparation of these fixtures is pretty much identical to that of UPVC windows and doors. Before spraying, we give them a thorough clean, ensuring all dirt and grime are fully removed. The surface is prepared with a special chemical solution that was designed to strip weathered plastics, as well as an extremely fine scotch (sandpaper) for a flawless prep.

The surrounding area is then masked off to prevent overspray, covering up your brickwork with professional masking materials prevents the paint from covering the areas of your property that don’t require a new colour. These masking materials are really easy to dispose of as they are paper-based, they can be recycled or disposed of by simply bagging them up. All waste is taken away once we have finished the spraying job.

Undercoating / Grip Coat

We then apply a “grip coat” of paint which helps the finish or topcoat to adhere to the surfaces, this prevents the paint from peeling off. If this grip coat wasn’t applied the likelihood is that after a short period the paint would start to flake and peel, leaving you with an unprofessional appearance to your home’s fixtures.

Range Of Colours

With our guttering spraying services as well as fascias, soffits, and meter boxes we can spray them in any colour you choose, generally the same colour as your window frames and/or doors.

Our most popular colours come from the RAL colour range, but we are also able to spray using the fashionable Farrow And Ball range, usually reserved for interior decorating.

Fixtures We Can Spray

The fixtures we can spray on your property include:

  • Meter Boxes
  • Soffits
  • Fascias
  • Downpipes
  • Waste Pipes
  • Soil Stacks
  • Guttering
  • Window Shutters
  • Wall Cladding
We can usually spray anything you can think of, in fact, we have even sprayed composite fence panels & gates!
Guttering After Spraying
Guttering After Spraying

Examples of our work.


If you would like to discuss the spraying of your property’s fixtures please contact us via our contact page form or by calling us directly on 0115 839 0234 or 07710 012 086, we are confident that we can help with any of your spraying requirements.