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Fitted Wardrobe Spraying

Professionally sprayed fitted wardrobes and fitted bedroom furniture at a fraction of the cost of fully replacing them.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture Spraying

One of our most popular interior spraying services is Fitted Wardrobe Spraying. If you are redecorating your bedroom and changing the colour, the traditional option regarding fitted wardrobes has always been to buy new doors to match your new colour scheme. This could prove quite expensive, especially if you have a large fitted wardrobe and matching fitted furniture in your bedroom.
Luckily we offer a much more cost effective alternative with our professional fitted wardrobe and fitted furniture spraying services.

Huge Range Of Colours

As with all of our UPVC and other interior spraying services we are able to provide a huge range of different colours for you to choose from. We offer the ever popular RAL colour range as well as the fashionable Farrow & Ball paint colours. We can match your chosen colour scheme so your fitted wardrobes and furniture will seamlessly match the rest of your décor.

Professionally Masked

When we spray your fitted wardrobes we use high quality paper masking roll as well as polythene sheeting to ensure all surfaces which do not require the new paint colour are fully protected. The means that only the areas requiring spraying are coated. These masking materials are easily disposed of once the job is completed and the new paint colour fully dried.

Cleaning & Preparation

Before we apply the paint to your fitted wardrobes and fitted furniture they must first be prepared correctly to receive their new colour. Part of this preparation is thoroughly cleaning the doors, frames and drawer fronts to remove dust, greases and grime.

Once cleaned we apply a primer or “grip coat” to the surfaces prior to the final colour being applied. This is essential in preventing the new paint colour from peeling off.

Save Money

With our fitted wardrobe and furniture spraying service our customers not only get a high quality and professional colour finish they also save substantial amounts of money compared to fully replacing the wardrobe doors, frames and drawer fronts.

Examples Of Our Work

The below example shows some of our recent fitted wardrobe resprays.

Fitted Wardrobe Before Spraying
Fitted Wardrobe Before Spraying
Fitted Wardrobe After Spraying
Fitted Wardrobe After Spraying
Fitted Wardrobe Before Spraying
Fitted Wardrobe Before Spraying
Fitted Wardrobe After Spraying
Fitted Wardrobe After Spraying

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