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UPVC spraying costs

How much does it cost to spray your UPVC Windows & Doors?

How much does UPVC spraying cost?

Your home’s exterior is the first thing visitors notice before entering your property. As a result of aging, UPVC windows and doors quickly lose their clean and new appearance. A house with damaged or dated doors and windows does not give a good impression to potential buyers, new tenants and neighbours.

UPVC items, such as doors and windows, can be re-sprayed with a specialist coatings and paints to provide an instant makeover. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies you’ll never know that these features aren’t brand new!

Having a well-maintained exterior on your house can be beneficial for both the appearance of your home and its value. For example, UPVC spraying will increase a house’s curb appeal while also making it more appealing to potential buyers. It will also give you that house proud feeling!

UPCV spraying is a much less expensive option in comparison to full window and door replacement.

Replacing your entire house’s UPVC with new items can be a costly undertaking, spraying your windows and doors can be a cost effective alternative by giving you up to 80% saving on full replacements.

Benefits of UPVC spray painting

One of the main benefits to paint spraying your UPVC windows or doors are that it can enhance their appearance making them look brand new! The other main reason is to improve the kerb appeal to potential buyers or new tenants.
  • Permanent and long-lasting: It will maintain its beauty and not wear out, lasting for many years.
  • We offer a wide variety of colours to suit any taste or colour scheme.
  • The options for finishes include gloss, matte and satin.
  • Instantly enhance your homes appeal to potential buyers.
  • If you have moved into a new property you can change the UPVC doors and windows appearance to suit your own style.
  • Landlords can improve the appeal of your rented properties.
  • UPVC Spraying is far less intrusive than fully removing and replacing your old windows.
  • Less mess created than having window companies rip out old window frames, potentially damaging your surrounding walls.

The cost of UPVC spraying can depend on various factors.

When estimating the cost of UPVC spraying, it is important to consider various factors.

  • The higher the number of UPVC items you need to be sprayed, the more expensive it will be.
  • The type of item that is spray-painted affects the price you pay. Generally, the larger and more complex the object to be painted will be, the higher it will cost.
  • Scaffolding: Ladders may not be usable in some areas because they are unsafe, which means we may need scaffolding.
  • You can choose to not just have your exterior doors and windows painted, but you may also want to consider painting things like your guttering, conservatories or downpipes, fascias etc…

Spraying UPVC Windows Cost

Depending on the number of windows your property has and the number you would like us to spray the price would vary from property to property.

Spraying UPVC Door Cost

If your front or back door has a worn exterior, a fresh coat of paint can instantly make it look new. Just painting the door will also give the entire home a facelift.

Can I Spray UPVC Myself?

Getting a professional finish can be challenging. Spray painting also uses specialist tools that are not cheap and not easy to use.

Would you risk a poor paint job for your windows and doors on the exterior of your home? That is before you consider that window-painting can be dangerous, since it requires climbing up a ladder.

You may need scaffolding to reach hard to access areas and should not be used by inexperienced people. Spray painting can take time and effort, especially when done as a DIY job.

Although in some cases you can try to paint your windows and doors yourself, we would still recommend hiring a professional to do this. Especially if you need to achieve that highly professional look which will help to increase your property value.

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