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UPVC Spraying Derby

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Are you thinking about replacing your current wood windows, doors, or conservatory? There is no need to replace them; Spraylords may help you save money by simply respraying them. This is a lot more cost-effective than replacing them completely, and you may save up to 80% on the cost of full replacement. It’s also a lot faster; UPVC Spraying is gaining in popularity as customers realize the benefits of less time, labour, and expense over total replacement of UPVC.

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Less Intrusive & Less Messy

The spraying of UPVC windows, doors, and conservatories is significantly less dirty than replacing them completely. It is also less invasive than a full replacement job, which may take weeks to finish due to the removal of old windows and doors.

The clean-up is rather straightforward with UPVC spraying, since the mess is kept to a minimum and any masking paper or polythene sheets are simply thrown away. Bin bags readily disposed of.

Faster Turnaround

The procedure of replacing all of your windows and doors might take a long time. The window fitters must first come out to measure your windows and doors. They must then have them built, which may take weeks. After the new windows have been produced, they must come out and install them, taking a week in total. In comparison, spraying your UPVC can be done in just one day!

UPVC Window Spraying in Derby

There is no need for expensive window replacement! Spraylords can re-spray your UPVC windows, saving you time and money. We can paint them in any colour you want; we can even match any colour you might imagine. RAL colours are popular, and we can also spray them in Gloss, Matte, or Satin if you like.

The final covering is UV-protective, long-lasting, and scratch resistant with UPVC window spraying. Because they are sprayed in place, there is no need to remove the frames. We simply cover the glass windows and surrounding masonry with masking materials.

If your UPVC windows are showing signs of age and wear, we can restore them for you! If your white windows have become yellow with time, we can quickly and economically remedy the situation. If you want to change the appearance of your brown/ timber effect windows, that’s no problem! Just call Spraylords to get started on achieving the style you desire!

UPVC Door Spraying in Derby

Our UPVC door spraying service can help you save money on your current UPVC doors, there isn’t a need for replacing them fully. Our UPVC door spray technique can rejuvenate your doors at a fraction of the cost and give them a new lease of life.

The majority of doors are available in a wider selection of colours than window frames, however if you want a unique appearance and to match them with your windows and other elements of the property, they may be resprayed.

The frames are sprayed in place, but the doors can be taken out to be painted. The entire rubber seal is removed and reinstalled after the spray coating has fully cured.

Conservatory Spraying in Derby

We also spray conservatories, as well as other double glazed windows and doors. We can breathe life back into an old, run-down conservatory on your property. The options for painting your home are nearly endless, and they include a wide variety of colours and finishes.

Many conservatory replacements may cost tens of thousands of pounds, and it’s not necessary to do so if the majority of your conservatory windows and doors are functional.

We can restore the exterior and interior of your conservatory.

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Garage Door Spraying in Derby

Garage doors are also available for repainting. Have them resprayed to match all of your windows and front door, if desired. Garage doors can be painted in a garage that features metal doors. Roller shutter garage doors and barn doors are also possible resprays.

We can make your garage door appear brand new for a fraction of the cost of replacing it, modernising and making it seem brand new.

Contact us to discuss your respray of your garage doors!

Garage Door Spraying After
Kitchen Spraying

Kichen Spraying in Derby

We also spray kitchens! As homeowners and landlords search for methods to update their kitchens without having to completely replace them, this is becoming more popular.

If your kitchen cupboard doors and drawers are in good shape, Spraylords can spray them. We provide a variety of colours to choose from, as well as three options for the type of finish (matte, satin, or gloss).

Kitchen resprays are a fraction of the cost of a full replacement, making them an affordable option to update and modernise the appearance of your kitchen.

UPVC Spraying is a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution that may improve the curb appeal of your home and update its appearance. If you’re looking for UPVC spraying in Derby, please contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.

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