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Kitchen Spraying

Give your existing kitchen cabinets a fresh look at a fraction of the price of a new kitchen.

Kitchen Re-Spraying

With our professional kitchen spraying service there is no need for you to replace your kitchen cupboards and doors. We can save you a lot of money by simply respraying your kitchen cabinets and fixtures.

Before And After Examples

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Kitchen Cabinet Spraying

Here at Spray Lords we can totally transform the appearance of your tired looking kitchen, without the need for replacement cabinets and fixtures. We offer a wide range of colours for our kitchen spraying service.

We don’t only spray the front of your doors and drawer fronts, we spray both sides for a complete coverage.

Why Respray Your Kitchen?

If your kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts are in good condition but you just don’t like the colour or you would like to freshen your kitchen up to match the rest of your home’s decor, there is really no reason to buy new doors. If you are happy with the style of the doors and drawers you will be able to save huge amounts of money by having them resprayed.

We use professional high quality paints and coatings, which are highly durable and scratch resistant. These hard waring paints are available in a huge range of different colours to suit your own personal taste. We have a range of matt, satin and gloss colours for you to choose from, if you find a RAL Code that you like, we can match it. We can spray in any colour including popular heritage and national trust colours also including popular farrow and ball colours. 

Kitchen Cupboard Spraying Within 7 days.

We always aim to have your kitchen cabinet door repainting completed within 7 days including removal of unit doors, repaying of fixtures and doors and refitting giving you a brand new look for a fraction of the price.

Farrow & Ball Colours

By far our most popular request when respraying kitchens is the Farrow & Ball colour range. We can supply any Farrow & Ball colour to match your taste.

New Handle Positioning

Once the new colour has been applied it is quite common that our customers ask us to fix new handles to their doors and drawer fronts.

Before the colour is applied, we discuss your handles and whether you wish to reinstall them in preexisting holes, if not we are able to professionally fill these holes and reposition your handles.

New holes are carefully measured and drilled prior to spraying your doors with their new colour.

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Try Our Kitchen Colour Swatch Preview Tool

Farrow & Ball Bone
Farrow & Ball Dorset Cream
Farrow & Ball French Grey
Farrow & Ball Hague Blue
Farrow & Ball Lime White
Farrow & Ball London Clay
Farrow & Ball Pale Powder
Farrow & Ball Pavilion Blue
Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone
Farrow & Ball Skimming Stone
Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink
Farrow & Ball Wevet
Farrow & Ball.
Preview a our popular Farrow & Ball colours


Breakfast Room









Sulking Room



Reset Colours

The colours reproduced here are offered as guide only. It is possible that the finished product may be slightly different from those illustrated on this page.

How Do We Do It?

Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts Removed, And Area Masked Off.

In order for us to achieve the cleanest, smoothest and most professional look to your kitchen we always remove the doors and drawer fronts ready for spraying.

These are then thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, grease and general kitchen grime in order for the new colour coating to correctly adhere to the surface of your kitchen doors and drawers when they are being sprayed.

The surrounding areas of your kitchen are masked off where new colour isn’t required, this protects your floor, walls, ceiling and worktops from overspray when we recolour your cabinet carcasses and feature panels.

Doors Sprayed Separate To The Carcasses.

Once we have removed your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts prior to spraying they are taken back to our dust free, professional spraying unit.

The doors and drawer fronts are then sprayed in a clean dust free environment to ensure a totally smooth professional finish when the paints are being applied.

Once sprayed, we bring them back to your property and reinstall them for you.

Area Fully Ventilated

Whilst spraying your kitchen cabinets, we ensure that your room is fully ventilated using powerful air pumps to remove all smells and particles from the air.

This prevents odours from entering the other rooms in your property and ensures a safe working environment for our staff.