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Spraylords - FAQ

Are you thinking about UPVC spraying for your property?

Below, we’ve covered the most common questions that homeowners have about UPVC spray painting:

Upper Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) Spraying is the process of applying a protective coating to the exterior UPVC components of your building. By enhancing the waterproofing capability, durability and colour retention properties of the UPVC surface it can be said that this treatment provides “long term protection for your PVC”. It is commonly used to change the colour of your UPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories, to give them a fresh look and extend their life.

It is a cost effective way to achieve a different look, far cheaper than fully replacing your UPVC windows & Doors.

There are many benefits of respraying your UPVC:

  • Up to 80% Cheaper than fully replacing your windows & doors
  • Added value to your home
  • Increased kerb appeal
  • Extends the life of your Windows & Doors
  • Modernises the look of your property
  • For Landlords it helps increase the appeal for potential tenants
  • For home owners looking to sell, it improves the appeal for potential buyers
  • Less mess and less intrusive than fully replacing windows and doors
  • Faster turn around than full replacement

The paints we use on UPVC are UV resistant and waterproof. When applied properly, they bond with the plastic itself to form a durable and hardy surface that will last at least 10-years when maintained by property owners as well as periodically cleaned of dirt or debris (not just window glass).

Absolutely, it is the more cost effective solution rather than fully replacing your windows and doors.

By spraying you are able to achieve the look of entirely new windows & doors up to 80% cheaper than the price you would pay on fully replacing.

The life of your windows is extended due to our highly durable paint coatings, which are UV resistant and hard wearing. With proper care your spray coating will look as good as new for a minimum of 10 years if not longer.

We are able to spray your windows in any colour you choose from. The most popular colours are from the RAL colour books. 

We can spray your UPVC in any RAL colour you choose.

Our most popular colour is  Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016).

Absolutely, we can spray wood framed windows and doors provided that the wood is in good condition.

Similar to spraying UPVC we have a range of colours for you to choose from and can transform the look of your wooden windows and doors.

The prep work is more or less the same, your wooden frames, they are thoroughly cleaned with special cleaning solutions to remove dirt and grime. They are also given a light sanding to ensure a smooth surface and a “keying” so that the new spray colour can adhere to the frames.

Yes, we can spray your soffits, facias, downpipes, waste pipes, metre boxes etc… any colour you like, usually to match the new colour of your doors and windows.

Additional charges apply depending on what needs spraying.

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We can, in fact Kitchen Spraying is one of our most popular services which we offer.

Kitchen spraying offers you the home owner the chance to modernise and change the colour of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a fully replaced kitchen or fully replacing your cabinet  doors with brand new ones.

As long as your unit doors, feature panels and drawer fronts are in good condition we can respray them.

We can spray your kitchen in any RAL colour you choose, we also commonly spray Kitchens in colours from the Farrow & Ball paint range.

All you need to do before our team arrives is ensure that the areas around your windows and doors are accessible. All obstructions are moved, plant pots and planters moved, hanging baskets taken down etc…

If your house is a Listed Building, you may have to seek prior permission from the local planning authority before having your windows spray painted. The exterior of listed buildings cannot be altered without permissions in most cases- but this does not always apply when it comes to changing window colours! If you live in a Conservation Area, there are sometimes limitations on how much work can be done and what colour options for doors or windows should be used.

Our advice would be to seek further information from your local authority prior to contacting us.