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Can You Paint UPVC Windows?

Can You Paint UPVC Windows?

One of the most searched upon things in Google with regards to our services is the question “can you paint UPVC windows?“, this is a common question and the short answer is yes! Respraying UPVC windows and doors makes up the core of our business, especially during the spring and summer months (during the colder periods we undertake a lot of kitchen spraying projects).

Although you can paint UPVC windows and doors yourself you should seek out the help of a professional UPVC spraying company like us here at Spraylords. This is because of the preparation work which is required and the equipment needed to achieve a professional finish to your new colour. Lack of proper preparation and application of the paint will result in the paint peeling off in no time, leaving you with a tatty & shabby-looking window, often worse than it was before you repainted them yourself.

The thing to understand when considering repainting your UPVC is the reasons why…

Why people repaint their UPVC windows

UPVC windows are used in many homes throughout the UK to replace traditional wooden or metal framed windows for their low maintenance, long life span, and energy efficiency. However, UPVC windows are susceptible to damage from UV light which can degrade the plastic over time leading to discolouration and cracking of the window. This is the main reason people want to paint UPVC windows, however, it’s not the only reason.

Another factor people consider is the cost of fully replacing the UPVC windows throughout their homes. The cost of fully replacing double glazing can run into the £1000’s and quickly spiral out of control. If the glass panes in your windows are fine and the open/shut mechanisms are in good condition then there isn’t any need to fully replace your windows. Spraying them professionally is a much more cost-effective solution, we have a page discussing how much UPVC spraying costs, you might be surprised how much you could save.

There is also the mess associated with fully replacing your windows which should be considered. Ripping out your old windows and disposing of them can lead to a huge amount of dust and debris entering your home. Removal of the old window frames could also damage the surrounding brickwork, this issue is even worse if your property is rendered. Damaged render is notoriously difficult to patch up as if there was no damage caused.

Finally, one of the most common reasons to respray is simply to change the colour of the frames. This is becoming more and more popular. As fashion trends come and go you can simply repaint your windows to fit with the latest property décor style.

Having fresh-looking, professionally resprayed windows can also contribute to increasing the value of your property and increase the “kerb appeal” should you wish to sell the property.

How to paint your UPVC windows professionally

We have already touched on the fact that you can paint UPVC windows yourself, however, if you truly want to achieve that professional look and feel it isn’t recommended. Typically when people try to DIY the painting of their UPVC they would use a brush, a sponge, or even a paint roller! We have even seen attempts made where people have bought aerosol spray cans to do the job!

The first stage in achieving a professional finish is in the preparation of the windows, this includes:

Cleaning & Degreasing

Cleaning & Degreasing to remove all dirt, grime, and oils that may have accumulated on the surfaces and in the recesses of your frames.


Keying, for the new paint colour to adhere to your frames correctly the surfaces need to be “keyed”, this step is vital.


Masking, the surrounding areas such as brickwork & render should be fully masked off to prevent overspray. The glass in your windows should also have a masking film applied to them to prevent the new paint colour from settling on the glass.


Primer & Grip Coat, once cleaned and keyed a suitable paint primer should be applied to the surface using a spray gun, this is also referred to as a “grip coat” as the final paint colour can easily adhere to the primer for a better finish.

Top Coat

Multiple thin coats of the final colour, rather than spraying one thick coat, to achieve a professional finish the new colour should be applied in a series of thin coats, these coats should be left to dry or “cure” before another coat is applied.

Can you paint UPVC Doors?

The simple answer is yes you can, the process is pretty much the same as re-painting your UPVC windows. The main difference when painting UPVC doors is that all the door hardware such as the letterbox, handles, numbers, etc… should ideally be removed. If this is not possible they should be fully masked off.

Another difference in spraying UPVC doors is that they should ideally be removed from their frames and spray painted separately. The UPVC door frames are then spray painted in much the same way as window frames, all surrounding areas masked off and prepared in the same manner as discussed above.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post answering the most common question “can you paint UPVC windows?”. Although you can attempt to do this yourself we would always recommend you seek out a professional UPVC spraying company to do the work for you. This will ensure that the finished product looks brand new and has that professional factory fresh look.

If you would like to discuss your property and the spraying of your UPVC windows and doors please contact us for a FREE Quote.