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Kitchen Cupboard Spraying Guide

Kitchen cupboard spraying has become more and more popular in recent years. Spraylords, a kitchen spraying company based in the East Midlands of the UK, offers professional kitchen spraying services to domestic customers.

There are many benefits to kitchen cupboard spraying rather than totally replacing the entire kitchen. In this guide, we will discuss how to professionally respray your kitchen cupboards and explain the process’s different stages.

The process can be broken down into various stages, preparation & cleaning, masking, ventilation, spraying and refitting.

If you are looking to achieve the highest possible quality and standard of your kitchen respray you should always seek out a professional kitchen spraying company (like Spraylords).

Preparing for kitchen cupboard spraying.

All kitchen cupboards must be cleaned with a degreaser before any kitchen cupboard spraying can take place. This is to ensure that there is no grease or dirt build-up on the cupboards which could affect the paint’s adhesion to the surface. Here at Spraylords, we use specialist cleaning fluids to ensure that kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts are thoroughly cleaned.


Masking up is an important step in kitchen cupboard spraying, it is important to make sure that all surfaces which are not being painted are protected from paint overspray. We use paper rolls of masking material to totally cover all the areas of your kitchen where the new colour isn’t required, we also utilise plastic/polythene sheeting as another method of masking.

Feature panels which cannot be removed such as those on larder units or end panels are sprayed in situ, and the areas around these features are fully masked off.

Ventilation & Safety Equipment

As with any other paint spraying job, it is important to make sure the room/area where you are spraying is fully ventilated. This helps to ensure that any fumes from the paint are dissipated so that paint smells are minimised and the atmosphere is safe for working in. Spraylords uses industrial extractor fans to ventilate the work area, we also wear face masks when spraying to help protect our employees from potential particle inhalation.

Spraying Kitchen Cupboards - Grip Coat/Undercoat

In order to achieve the highest possible finish, we remove all kitchen cupboard doors and hardware (handles & hinges). We then transport these doors and drawer fronts to our purpose-built spraying unit, ready to apply the paint in a dust-free, ventilated environment.

The kitchen cupboards are now ready for spraying, we start the process by applying a ‘grip coat’ or ‘undercoat’. This is an essential step as it provides the new paint with a surface to grip on to, it also helps to give an even coverage and colour when the topcoat is applied.

Once the grip coat has cured we begin applying the top coat, in a colour of your choice. The top coat is applied in multiple, thin layers, slowly building up the coverage of paint on the kitchen cupboard doors and drawers.

Once the kitchen cupboard spraying is complete, they are then left to fully dry on drying racks in our spraying unit, ready to be transported back to your property.

Refitting Doors & Drawers

The freshly sprayed doors and drawers are carefully packaged up, using bubble wrap to prevent them from damage during transit. We deliver the newly spraypainted cupboard doors back to your property and carefully reinstall them, back onto the kitchen units. Their original handles (or new if you are changing these too) and hinges are refitted and all masking materials are removed.

Cleaning & Tidying Up

Now that the spraying and reinstallation are complete the process is nearly finished, the only thing left to do is tidy up after ourselves. All masking materials are placed in waste bags and taken away.


So there you have it, a quick breakdown of our kitchen cupboard spraying process, from correct preparation, masking, spraying and finally reinstallation. If you are looking for a professional company to work with, and are actively looking for “kitchen cabinet painting near me” then we are confident that Spraylords will deliver a top-quality service. We work closely with all of our customers to ensure that they are happy with the results, our reviews speak for themselves.

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